Frugal Travel Case Study to the Grand Canyon Park Loop
$2,257.54 and 14 days for a trip that includes Zion, Bryce, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, both rims of the Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, and more.
Frugal Travel Case Study to Puerto Rico
$1,116.11 and 7 days for a trip that includes Old San Juan, a bioluminescent bay, El Yunque Rain Forest, plenty of beach time, and more.
Booking the 7,500 Point Hawaii-via-Turkish-Airlines Sweet Spot
Hawaii is a near-universal bucket list destination - and 7,500 points for getting there (and back) is worth dealing with the pain of phone bookings.
How to Find, Choose, and Book Airbnbs
Unwritten guidelines for successful stays at Airbnbs, hard-won through 3+ dozen stays over the course of 6 years. Learn from my experiences and mistakes.
Apologies For The Email Noise On Sunday
Don't Let Priceline Fix You Up With a Loser... Hotel
6 Priceline Hotel Bidding Gotcha's That Haven't Gotten You - Yet
Bid for Hotels Like A (Priceline) Rocket Scientist
Fixing My Crap: Revisions For January 2011
Hacking Priceline: A Game-Changer For Bidding On Hotels
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