Strong Towns Baltimore
As an outgrowth of my growing bike-ped activism, I've started a local group in Baltimore to advocate for Strong Towns principles.
Recycling Toothpaste Tubes
To take advantage of the options provided by TerraCycle for recycling oral care products, I set up a recycling drop-site.
Do What You Can Do
Biking Advisor
Eating Hostas
Three Remissions... and Counting?
An account of my most recent 4+ years of living with Ankylosing Spondylitis, including multiple remissions.
Retiring Early on Stock Dividends, the Movie
A video of my presentation on how I retired early by investing in stocks for dividends.
Me, Snowboarding
A Car Hit Me on My Bicycle
While on my bicycle, I was grazed by the side mirror of a car. I was able to confront the driver.
New Email Frequency Options
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