I had the opportunity to hit the slopes with friends a few days ago. It was my first time snowboarding in probably 4 years. And that time probably came after a layoff of 10 years. A frequent boarder, I am not.

My friend, Alex, took the opportunity to record me snowboarding. (He's an accomplished skier. I don't think I'd be able to do the same for someone else.)

Video of a snowboarder S turning down a snow-covered ski slope.

Seeing yourself in a video, in action, interacting with the world, is eye-opening. There's something very out-of-body and magical about it. I'm videoed infrequently enough to still find it novel.

My initial, charitable interpretation of the video was along the lines of "wow, I look like a real snowboarder". 😃 My secondary, critical interpretation of the video focused more on the details. In the video, I see myself using my arms/body when making turns to the right, but not when making turns to the left. I assume better riders don't do that.