A couple years ago, I published the article Misguided Early Retiree Somehow Manages to Live Off of Dividends. The material it covers was actually first prepared for in-person presentation (by me) at a local ChooseFI meetup. The long-form article came after. Recently, after 2+ years in storage, the video of that presentation has been packaged-up all nice and posted on YouTube for all to enjoy.


When Alex, the leader/admin of that Baltimore ChooseFI group, asked me if I had any issues with him posting the video, I was hesitant. I'm rather privacy conscious and, admittedly, skew a bit "control freak". I was also doubtful of the quality of my public speaking skills, thinking that watching the video would induce a lot of cringing.

I asked Alex to let me review the video first. I also made Alex promise that he'd take it down if I ever decided I'd prefer to have the video removed. Fortunately, upon review, I was really pleased with how I did! I think I spoke clearly, at a good pace, and with good inflection. I kept the "um"s amd "like"s to a minimum. Gold star for me. 🌟

My opinions are my own and do not constitute financial advice in any way whatsoever. Nothing I present constitutes an investment recommendation or should be relied upon for any investment activities. Perform your own independent research and/or speak with a qualified investment professional before making any financial decisions.
Video of Michael Scepaniak presenting Retiring Early on Stock Dividends.
I'm hoping to, eventually, put together a transcript of the video's content. YouTube provides an auto-generated transcript, but the accuracy is pretty lacking.

Watching the video has got me wanting to do another presentation. Just gotta' make the time.