I. Am. Retired. (Kinda)
We don’t have a good word that properly captures what early retirement is. Therefore, it's difficult to "fess up" to being retired while still young.
How I Got My Ice-maker to Make Ice Again
How to Find, Choose, and Book Airbnbs
Unwritten guidelines for successful stays at Airbnbs, hard-won through 3+ dozen stays over the course of 6 years. Learn from my experiences and mistakes.
Starting Stopping Working
Prepare for early retirement with research, working part-time, financial projections, a goal statement, a cash cushion, and ideas for how to course-correct.
Ankylosing Spondylitis: A Good Start
Fixed-Length Level Logging in Winston
How to Read HttpClient Logging and Prevent Connection Leaks
How To Use CasperJS with Mocked Data to Test Your Site's UI
Are You Still Not Testing Your Site's UI Because of Your Database?
Stop Eating Processed Foods
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