Giving to Freely Given Software - The How
A step-by-step explanation of how I go about paying for and/or thanking open-source and free software.
Giving to Freely Given Software - The Why
Paying for open-source software has gone mainstream. I've weighed the arguments for and against paying - and have decided to pay.
Vimeo Disabled My Account for Submitting HTML
Me attempting to include HTML markup in my video's description resulted in the automatic disablement of my account. Why not just reject my submission?
Fixed-Length Level Logging in Winston
How to Read HttpClient Logging and Prevent Connection Leaks
How To Use CasperJS with Mocked Data to Test Your Site's UI
Are You Still Not Testing Your Site's UI Because of Your Database?
Hibernate, Sybase, and the Unchained Transaction Mode Error
How To Print Checks Without QuickBooks
Becoming a Successful Java Consultant
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