Writing checks makes me angry. Not because it represents a withdrawal from one of my accounts. I'm OK with that. I just really don't enjoy engaging in the physical act of sitting down and scribbling on a piece of paper, knowing that there are much better ways to relay money these days. I'm all about efficiency, and check-writing is all about... something else.

But, there are still situations in life where cutting a check is still the best or only option. They're becoming fewer and far between, but they still exist - occurring often enough to be annoying/frustrating/anger-inducing.

I have both personal and business checking accounts, which compounds the issue. But, I've always historically used QuickBooks to manage my corporate books. The nice thing about QuickBooks is that you can print checks directly from the software. The crappy thing about QuickBooks, though, is that they come out with a new, more expensive version every month and a half. (I kid. It's every year.) And given that I use very few features in the software, I have no reason to upgrade (except when it holds me back from upgrading my Mac's operating system, the situation I'm currently in). Grrr.

I've looked at QuickBooks alternatives several times in the past, typically web-based options. However, each time, the deal-breaker for me has been lack of support for printing checks! (Seriously, I dislike writing checks that much.) I looked around for some sort of stand-alone check printing option, but I couldn't find any. I surmised that there must be some sort of Word/Excel/HTML template out there that would help facilitate check-printing, but I couldn't find one.

If you have no interest in deciphering GitHub repositories, downloading files, or fiddling with HTML, I suggest you take a look at this no-fuss check-printing service instead of messing with the template linked-to below.

So, I finally did what any capable, but frustrated, software developer would do in my situation - I built one myself. And so, I offer you an HTML file that will allow you to print QuickBooks-compliant standard business checks!

I've been using it for nearly a year now with no issues, allowing me to finally ditch QuickBooks all-together. So, if you have any similar need, please head on over to my check-print project on GitHub and download the template. Full instructions are provided on the project page.

Again, this check-printing service is a simpler, but non-free option.

Anybody out there find this helpful? If so, I'd love to hear from you (if, for no other reason, to know that I'm not the only one to ever have this need).