So, if the past month signals the start of a trend, it's looking like I might have entered a phase where I'm writing and publishing more often than I have in a long while. I've already published four posts to the blog this year, which is more than I published during the past two years, combined. If you are a subscriber, this may be more often than you anticipated, or desire. If this is you, or even if it's not, you might be interested to know that I've added email frequency options in the subscription preferences. Instead of "daily" being the one and only email frequency, you now have the option of being notified of new posts less often, on either a weekly or monthly basis.

If you'd like to change your email frequency, click the "update subscription preferences" link at the bottom of your new post(s) notification email. Mailchimp will guide you through the update process.

I have a number of sites/causes/organizations that I subscribe to. Sometimes, I find them to be too "active". Unfortunately, they rarely ever provide an option to throttle down the frequency. As such, I'm too often left with a choice between "grin and bear it" or "unsubscribe". Seems to me like there should be another option.

Please holler with any issues or thoughts. Thanks!